1605 W Chanute Road
Peoria, IL 61615


90-minute massage: $95
60-minute massage: $65
30-minute massage: $40

Gift certificates available


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Steven Crow, Balanced Health Concepts massage therapy

Massage techniques

Swedish Massage

General stroking and kneading of the tissues to increase circulation and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue

A slow and progressively deep technique applied to chronically tight areas with elbow and forearm

Muscle Therapy

A muscle-specific massage applied to injured or chronically painful areas, incorporating various massage techniques and therapies.

Pregnancy Massage

Provides relaxation and relief from musculoskeletal aches and pains that result from the dramatic structural changes a mother-to-be experiences.

Thai Yoga Massage

A deep, full-body treatment that includes relaxing yogic-like stretches and compressions to energy lines.

Sports Massage

A technique designed to decrease accumulated toxins and increase range of motion which helps to prevent injuries.

Energy Modalities

Gentle bodywork where the therapist holds various points to balance energy pathways within and around the body

Joint Mobilization and Stretching

A series of stretches and joint movements to restore or increase range of motion to injured or painful/tight areas.