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90-minute massage: $95
60-minute massage: $65
30-minute massage: $40

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Benefits of massage

Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, speeds up the elimination of waste products. Massage makes nervous tension melt away, and leaves you feeling cared for and a marvelous feeling of well-being.

Done regularly, massage becomes a mini-vacation for you — a time for you to look forward to, when you can let yourself go, and let a pair of nurturing hands stroke, knead and pamper you.

Preparing for your massage

When scheduling your massage, keep in mind this is your time, so allow plenty of time for it. Plan on arriving a few minutes early, to give yourself time to talk to your therapist and get undressed. Also, if you are late, your massage may have to be cut short so as not to inconvenience the client who is scheduled after you.

What to expect at your massage

Your massage will take place in a warm, comfortable room. The atmosphere is relaxing and quiet. Soft music with waterfalls and ocean waves is usually played to help you relax.

Some clients are concerned about what they wear during a massage. In a normal full body massage, clients disrobe complete and drape themselves with a sheet.

However, if you are not comfortable being nude, a bathing suit or your underwear may be worn. You are covered with a sheet at all times, and the only part of the body exposed is the part that is being worked. The client's genitals and breasts are not worked, and the client's privacy is given utmost respect. You undress in privacy and get on the table, and then the therapist enters the room to begin the massage.

Oil or some type of lubricant is used to reduce the friction between your body and the therapist's hands.

Your responsibility as a receiver

Your job as a recipient is to relax. Concentrate on the therapist's hands, and that will help you slow your mind down. Take a few deep breaths.

How to receive a massage

A silent massage is best, but feel free to give your therapist feedback. You should let your therapist know if she or he is causing discomfort or pain. Clients can withstand different degrees of pressure, so let the therapist know when they are using pressure that is relaxing and comfortable. If working a particular area feels especially beneficial, you may request more work in that area.

Because massage is not a common part of our contemporary culture experience, many people do not get the most out of a massage through the lack of knowing a few simple do's and don'ts: